Ditty Twitter Ticker

Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

2 mins ago - RT @danheld: Total Returns over the last 10 Years... Bitcoin: +700,000% Tesla: +15,000% NVIDIA: +6,000% Netflix: +2,300% Amazon: +1,400% M…
2 mins ago - RT @Drebae_: Yall…. Google R Kelly’s net worth & come back. RT if you got more money than him https://t.co/RoayGI3bXK
2 mins ago - RT @Drebae_: Yall…. Google R Kelly’s net worth & come back. RT if you got more money than him https://t.co/RoayGI3bXK
2 mins ago - RT @Drebae_: Yall…. Google R Kelly’s net worth & come back. RT if you got more money than him https://t.co/RoayGI3bXK
2 mins ago - RT @mridz_twt: As this got attention, I would like to tell that I got this image from Google and as it was cropped I didn't realise who the…
2 mins ago - RT @Stray_Kids: [스키지기] HQ 210925 #창빈 #Changbin <NOEASY> VIDEO CALL EVENT https://t.co/gY1i7UTPgt #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #NOEASY #소리꾼 #Thund
2 mins ago - RT @AlMoosaDoors: #هي_لنا_دار 🇸🇦 خصم يصل إلى ٢٥٪ على أغلب المنتجات 🤩 بإمكانك الطلب عن طريق التسجيل عبر الرابط https://t.co/RJW0gx8NC2
2 mins ago - — database, it’s not my fault. it’s like an automatic google. she shrugged grabbing the cup. — i’m not a deity. huh.. you don’t? consider me your new friend. https://t.co/zJNCqEToLk
2 mins ago - RT @Stray_Kids: [스키지기] HQ 210925 #리노 #LeeKnow <NOEASY> VIDEO CALL EVENT https://t.co/caoCif6QsP #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #NOEASY #소리꾼 #Thunde
2 mins ago - RT @tyashushushu: しゅうゲームズのクイズ作りました!良かったらやってみてください😎 Android:https://t.co/ltH3bOBLPT ※iOS版はもう少々お待ちください。 #しゅうゲームズ https://t.co/LwFe54mzoF

Rotating Ticker Sample

Elite Dynasty Football @elite_dynastyfb - 2 mins agoJustin Jefferson and Adam Thielen are going to go absolutely bonkers today #vikings 0 0
Trevor Wendt @WendtTrevor - 2 mins agoWhat a beautiful Sunday to enjoy before I watch the vikings play football 0 0
jasmin 💭 @abirsan_ - 2 mins agoRT @NetflixFR: Une nouvelle ère Viking est sur le point de commencer, une chose ne change pas : aucune pitié. Découvrez les premières imag… 888 0
Weekend Warriors @wkendwarriors10 - 2 mins agoJAGUARS +7.5🏈 VIKINGS +115🏈 FALCONS +125🏈 RAMS +105🏈 0 0
Bill KERNS @BillKERNS9 - 2 mins agoRT @Vikings: It's been a huge first two weeks for Nick Vigil, including his first career pick-six last week. Catch the full interview with… 9 0
C•┤å├•rl Gent @GentCarl - 2 mins agoRT @archeohistories: A Viking era ring inscribed with the words 'for Allah', found in the grave of a woman who was buried 1200 years ago in… 2367 0
Naila-Jean Meyers🇵🇭 @NailaJeanMeyers - 2 mins agoRT @Andrew_Krammer: Today is special for Vikings WR K.J. Osborn, not only playing in front of a home crowd with his friends and family for… 2 0
SusanInSeattle ❤❤❤ @susaninseattle1 - 2 mins agoRT @MysticCindi: Good Morning , 12s!!!! It’s G💙A💚M💙E💚D💙A💚Y💙!!! Time for the @Seahawks to eviscerate the Vikings! #gohawks #Seahawks #12s #S 2 0
FantasyInSession @FantasyNsession - 2 mins agoSeahawks have given up the most FP to the RB position...Alexander Mattison, if Dalvin is out, he should have a safe floor #Vikings #FantasyFootball #NFL 0 0

List Ticker Sample

ManageWP @managewpRT @IndiaAheadNews: #GoDaddyPro Expand 2021: Security Expert Victor Santoyo On Aspect & Benefits Of Security on Websites Watch- https://t.…2 days ago 1 0
ManageWP @managewpWordPress 5.8 is full of new features, including WebP support, a brand new widget block editor, and more. Let's go over a full breakdown! https://t.co/BUcheYpAdm4 days ago 2 7
ManageWP @managewpTo create a more connected community, consider building a safe online space. Here's how! https://t.co/OWkFusjUjN4 days ago 0 2
ManageWP @managewpLooking to grow engagement among your audience? Consider creating an online community! https://t.co/OWkFusjUjN5 days ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpLooking to grow a dedicated online community? Here are three of the most effective strategies you can use! https://t.co/OWkFusjUjN5 days ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpTrying to maintain multiple websites can be time-consuming. Learn how #sitemanagement tools such as #ManageWP can help. https://t.co/8e261hSCOU #WordPress #themoreyouknow5 days ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpWith WordPress 5.8, you can finally edit widget areas using blocks. That's just one of the new changes the release brings! https://t.co/BUcheYHbBW1 week ago 1 3
ManageWP @managewpRT @TranslateWP: Our global #WPTranslationDay events start in an hour at 10:00 UTC with a livestream followed by a translation sprint. Ever…1 week ago 8 0
ManageWP @managewpWordPress 5.8 enables you to create post and page templates using the Block Editor. That's a game-changer: https://t.co/BUcheYHbBW1 week ago 0 3