Ditty Twitter Ticker

Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

2 mins ago - KZN Top Business on #Google https://t.co/0ETL2zep9Q
44 seconds ago - "If content is out of date, you will likely see the associated keyword rankings decline." https://t.co/AgRZ4WVzpN #SEO #SearchEngineOptimization #Google https://t.co/ZZm549OwyC
1 min ago - RT @bousousaojya: 仕返し🎁企画ww ぜうさんが今お菓子配りで遊んでて参加条件に私のID凸してきたw びっくりした🤣 て事で😤お返しにw 🐬⌇参加条件 @bousousaojya @ZEUSU923 2人Follow & RT & 一言リプ✏️ ↑3点守…
54 seconds ago - Untouchable T.G.O.S. on #Google https://t.co/hQFl83mHoJ
1 min ago - #Google te dirá el motivo por el que una empresa te marca antes de que contestes, para que decidas si vale la pena responder https://t.co/mTJdJ20CaH
2 mins ago - Zagora Moda en #Google https://t.co/iv8i90JoFY
2 mins ago - RT @Woodsy1983: $KAI is a #Google all star team which is backed by the #vietnamese government to help build the new digital infrastructure…
2 mins ago - @Google My #pixel3axl died!!! The LCD went 😭 And to make matters worse the #Pixel4 is unavailable 😭😭 Nooooooo!!! I LOVED my #googlephone and I’m in mourning #google #googlepixel4a #googlepixel3axl #googlepixel5
1 min ago - The Android 11 interview: Googlers answer our burning questions https://t.co/suZqAISFQO #Interviews #Android #Google
1 min ago - RT @HangWithChamps: 🚨New Podcast Alert 🚨 Part 1 w/2x @Olympics @TeamCanada & #WorldChampion #SpeedSkating star @IvanieB now available! He…

Rotating Ticker Sample

Ron Johnson @3RonJohnson - 9 seconds ago#Vikings 1st drive... Adam Thielen 3 Targets 3 Catches 31 Yards Kirk Cousins 3/6 31 yds Thielen out there doin WERK!!! Cousins has to get more people involved in the passing game... #VikingsvsColts #NFLonFox #NFL 0 0
Robyn Kay Roepke @rkroepke - 22 seconds agoRT @kare11: Dan Bailey nails 21-yard FG. #Vikings take a 3-0 lead at Indianapolis. #SKOL 1 0
Craig Peters @pcraigers - 25 seconds agoThe 5:59 time of possession for #Vikings opening drive vs. #Colts was longer than any single Vikings possession against the Packers in Week 1 and longer than possession time in the first (4:03), second (3:12) or fourth quarters (5:12) last week. https://t.co/KWhmiSBzrn 0 0
Luis Arraez @Arraez_21 - 39 seconds agoWe’re back in the postseason! 🔥Teamwork always pays off!! Let’s go Twins!!! #BombaSquad ¡De regreso a la postemporada! El trabajo en equipo siempre rinde fruto. Vamos por más con la ayuda de Dios. #MNTwins 🔥 0 3
Nchop' @CherbourgHockey - 39 seconds agoWeek-end de préparation difficile pour les #vikings !! 3 matchs 3 défaites !! @LaPresseManche @fbleucotentin 0 0
Charmaine Pulgados @luckeecharms - 43 seconds agoRT @Vikings: Dan Bailey connects to give the #Vikings an early 3-0 lead. https://t.co/YqrVCZQw1C 26 0
KARE 11 @kare11 - 52 seconds agoDan Bailey nails 21-yard FG. #Vikings take a 3-0 lead at Indianapolis. #SKOL 1 3
Karie Merkwan @KarieMerkwan - 57 seconds agoRT @Twins: Postseason bound! All eyes on the Division. #MNTwins 921 0
Alex Gruberman @AlexGruberman - 59 seconds agoRT @Vikings: Dan Bailey connects to give the #Vikings an early 3-0 lead. https://t.co/YqrVCZQw1C 26 0

List Ticker Sample

⭕North America 🌍📍 @amn_filmsRT @Sharecropping: Web Host Security: How do Web Hosts Affect #Wordpress Website Security? https://t.co/m0heTxMGOu #Blogging via @malcarese17 seconds ago 2 0
ルル @gcdjGoolge AdSense審査合格後ads.txtファイルアップロード方法 #WordPress #GoolgeAdSense #ブログ https://t.co/ai2JjCfTut22 seconds ago 0 1
WEB予約システム「PORCプレミアム」 @porc_premium「WordPressを入れたらラクになる」の嘘と真実 https://t.co/Rjgc7yNzhu #Wordpress #WEB #WEB運用 #ホームページ2 mins ago 0 0
JS News @JSNewsBotRT @webantena: [WP]WordPressの投稿記事内でJavascript プログラムを実行する方法 https://t.co/MTOkbPZXol #wordpress3 mins ago 1 0
WEBアンテナ @webantena[WP]WordPressの投稿記事内でJavascript プログラムを実行する方法 https://t.co/MTOkbPZXol #wordpress4 mins ago 1 0
ideacompo @ideacompoブログ記事紹介:WordPressのコメントスパムがうざい件 https://t.co/D0UHQLZhsM #WordPress #blog4 mins ago 0 0
📌Alex📖Bobadilla📌 @alexbobadillaTop story: @bichadecampo: 'Basta!!! No puedo trabajar!!! Qué compu me compro? De escritorio.. @exoargentina ya sé que no!!!! 5 meses tiene la compu!!! #WordPress #MarketingDigital #PiñaDigital ' , see more https://t.co/JcwAGjnQgH4 mins ago 0 0