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Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

2 mins ago - RT @RealInformerT: Want to know all about Google Assistant & it's new features? Be sure to watch this video where I explain all about it. #…
1 min ago - #Maximulta da 4,34 miliardi a #Google per abuso di posizione dominante ai danni della #concorrenza. BigG ha fatto sapere che presenterà ricorso @ninjamarketing https://t.co/LS77OI4VUA https://t.co/4K2ZXOPbqm
2 mins ago - Ripple NEWS: XRP is 'not a cryptocurrency' - expert warns on 'big dip' in value https://t.co/iQA8lsGPIx #cryptocurrency #google #news #cryptocurrency
1 min ago - Will #Google pay the €4+billion euro fine imposed on it by the EU ?Will UK take a lesson from this and demand the same from multinational corporations 'dodging' billions of UK taxes? @SkyNews #standuptotaxcheats
1 min ago - La Commission européenne vient de condamner, pour abus de position dominante, #Google qui devra régler une amende de 4,34 milliards d'euros. Le géant du #numerique a décidé de faire appel. Affaire à suivre donc ! Article @LUsineDigitale : https://t.co/hiDARhc0nG https://t.co/9FpfVYeUeG
1 min ago - Autogroup Srl su #Google https://t.co/KoVfXcSjBn
1 min ago - RT @since1996: Sans maîtrise (humaine), la puissance (de #Google ) n'est rien. L'intelligence d'un outil est parfois Artificielle. https://…
2 mins ago - Mastercard Files Patent to Link Fiat and Cryptocurrency Transactions https://t.co/4OTpH0YJaj #cryptocurrency #google #news #cryptocurrency
1 min ago - RT @Angelabrador: Bruselas investiga otros servicios de #Google tras aplicarle una multa récord https://t.co/AVZiZigpae vía @elEconomistaes

Rotating Ticker Sample

Cuban Nightmare @13Cuban - 3 mins agoRT @Vikings: With 5 1st-round picks in the group, the #Vikings enter 2018 with a very talented secondary. 📰: https://t.co/pkTe92iTwc http… 45 0
Paul Cude @paul_cude - 3 mins agoRT @adriansalter315: The Daughter Of Chaos trilogy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #dragons, #elves, #fairies, #vikings, #steampunk spitfires, #roma 200 0
sarah stecher @EveryMin_Counts - 12 mins agoFinaly caught up with Vikings...what an epic mid season final #Vikings 0 0
(Ma) T'challa @matoulee - 12 mins agoPeople !! Suis je la seule qui trouve que Giroud ressemble à Bjorn de #Vikings ? 0 0
John Perrotto @JPerrotto - 17 mins agoFrom @SidHartman: #MNTwins don't have to buy or sell players just yet - https://t.co/eTdP81eZyh https://t.co/uWR0Lpa48e #MLB 0 0
Max with Axe @maxwithaxe - 20 mins ago#Ragnar traded his longship for an #evo when he realised he could plunder Northumbria, Mercia, and Wessex all in the same day. And still make it to Wales for the evening singalong. #Vikings 0 0
HM Holten @HoltenHm - 21 mins agoRT @EarthDesires: Pit of Vipers: Sons of Kings Bk 2 #histfic #Vikings "You will fall in love with the characters as you immerse yourself i… 16 0
HM Holten @HoltenHm - 21 mins agoRT @MillieThom: Pit of Vipers: Sons of Kings Bk 2 #histfic #Vikings "You will fall in love with the characters as you immerse yourself in… 69 0
Suzy Henderson @Suzy_Henderson - 22 mins agoRT @MillieThom: Shadow of the Raven: Sons of Kings Book 1 #HistFic #Vikings #IAN1 #AuthorUproar When #betrayal throws Eadwulf's life into… 179 0
Brad Marek @Bmarek10 - 24 mins agoRT @KFAN1003: ZIMMER on the Minnesota fanbase: "This fanbase is the best I've been around. The atmosphere at US Bank stadium is unbelievabl… 270 0

List Ticker Sample

WordPress Theme Space @space_themeRT @veganwebdesign: "On each page there should be a clear call to action for the visitor to take." https://t.co/DLPmCMLSeu #Business #Vegan1 min ago 2 0
WordPress Theme Space @space_themeRT @hafsaanwar1212: Tomorrow, I have completed this website using Wordpress and that make my client happy and he orders me another instantl…1 min ago 2 0
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WordPress Theme Space @space_themeRT @ThemesJust: A clean, elegant and beautiful #WordPress theme, which is typically designed for a web blog and magazine with an immense re…1 min ago 2 0
WordPress Theme Space @space_themeRT @TheFrosty: Pet peeve: developers whom execute their #WordPress code directly in the base file without an action hook like `plugins_load…1 min ago 2 0
WordPress Helpdesk @WPhelpdesk_NLThe Best WooCommerce Plugins for Marketing Automation on #Wordpress #Marketing @brightvessel https://t.co/e8xmmMeuuc1 min ago 0 0
Joe Exan @ExanJoeRT @StwayneKeubrick: 25% OFF ©SK's Art Boards, Posters, Greeting Cards, Acrylic Blocks, and Tapestries | Use Code 25WALL Buy here > https:…1 min ago 16 0
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Ana Trenza @aatrenzaRT @jluis8: 🔟 Plugins de WordPress gratuitos e imprescindibles 🔥 https://t.co/36O6NEttHw Se acerca el verano y normalmente es hora de red…2 mins ago 44 0