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Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

13 seconds ago - RT @Nyrros: #covid_19gr Τρίτη 13/04/21 Nέα κρούσματα: 4.033 Διασ/νοι: 802⚠️ (+21) Νέες Απώλειες: 93❗️ (συν: 9.054) Τεστ σήμερα: 76.070⚠️…
14 seconds ago - RT @CryptoUltraman: 🚨#CryptoUltramanAirdrop🚨 🥳Hello guys! 480,000 $AMAN GIVEAWAY!🪂 💥Join TG: https://t.co/fuKc04yraq 💥Follow @CryptoUltra
14 seconds ago - Today's screenshots + the $100 locally The donation is till 18:00, 13th april so if you want to donate, please contact me or fill in the Google form by 17:00, 13th april!! https://t.co/R9qI45030m
13 seconds ago - 引越してからGoogleマップ見る時間凄い伸びてる 楽しい
14 seconds ago - RT @energywebx: Did you hear the news? Get the details. 👇 We're proud to be a @Googleorg Impact Challenge on Climate grantee, building a d…
13 seconds ago - RT @JBradshaw01: I’m sorry, but what has the ministry/government done to improve remote learning? Because I’m pretty sure that they didn’t…
14 seconds ago - RT @eMoroor: كيف يصل (المصرح لهم) للحرم المكي الشريف أثناء قدومهم للعمرة أو للصلاة خلال شهر #رمضان المبارك موقف كدي https://t.co/Cafdc6C40…
13 seconds ago - RT @Misslamide: Here is the link to Mary's story. Her account number is also provided at the end of the article. Her bank details are Mary…

Rotating Ticker Sample

Simiso @Simiso_F - 22 seconds agoRAGNA LOTHBROK !! Vikings wasnt a movie 😂 https://t.co/3lsCcDu1HP 0 0
Cassandraaaa🧚🏻‍♀️ @Cassandra_1666 - 38 seconds ago@Arkunir @Naykross Ahahaha j’ai pensé au jeu en voyant vikings en plus 0 0
Michael Jacobs @mikalvision - 41 seconds agoRT @Vikings: Statement from the #Vikings on the senseless killing of Daunte Wright 522 0
❄️ @akhycharlison - 1 min agoRT @ZMevtr: Vikings avant la mort Ragnar// Vikings après 1 0
νσиιѕтнєиєωвℓαcк ♟ @Vonisthenublack - 1 min ago@AFC_Tierney 24 One Tree Hill Power The Walking Dead Vikings Sorry couldn't pick just lol 0 0
Royals Academy CR @royals_cr - 2 mins agoRT @latins_cup: Abrimos Inscripciones para nuestra 6 edicion por equipos de #ClashRoyale 🔰 Cupos 32 🔰 Eliminacion Directa Requisitos Se… 53 0
ShannonZ @doingmybestaa - 2 mins ago@benlandis Vikings and the death of Ragnar. 0 1
David Pearce @D7Pearce - 2 mins ago@BorderKent @GoodwinMJ The answer to your question is” no but it has happened all through human history from before the Egyptians to current times including Romans, Vikings, Norman’s etc . How far should we go back to re write history to a wokist view. It’s not racist it’s about power , a human trait!! 0 0
Nathan Holz @holzy_72 - 2 mins ago@schochdj Yeah when a team cheating costs the Vikings a trip to the super bowl I’m gonna be bitter about it 0 0
Portland State Athletics @psuviks - 2 mins agoRT @psuviksWGOLF: The Vikings are in the final round in Fresno as they get prepared ahead of the @BigSkyConf conference tournament next wee… 1 0

List Ticker Sample

Rebecca M @BeckyspringHow to Improve Organic Click Through Rate (CTR) in WordPress & 12 Proven Tips https://t.co/mH9SQTZidp #WordPress50 seconds ago 0 0
Developer's Bot @AnirudhBotRT @WordPressDD: Building A Video Streaming App With Nuxt.js, Node And Express — Smashing Magazine https://t.co/kdxo5kvMzT #WordPress #WebD1 min ago 2 0
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Pythonista Bot @iPythonistaBotRT @Radarinfo01: Online Courses - HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners -> https://t.co/xByfjrgF0T #100DaysOfCode #html5 #NodeJ2 mins ago 12 0
Melodieann Whiteley @boomerbizcoachRT @HeidiRichards: A year ago we published "Data Protection and Recovery is Costly – How Can You Protect Your Site and Your Bottom Line?" h…2 mins ago 1 0
The Tech Savvy Bot | 8️⃣5️⃣ Followers @ThetechSavvybotRT @Radarinfo01: Online Courses - HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners -> https://t.co/xByfjrgF0T #100DaysOfCode #html5 #NodeJ2 mins ago 12 0