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Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

58 seconds ago - 知り合いの方が恋愛感情に関してアンケートやってるのでぜひご協力を〜 リア充、非リア、2・2.5・3次元に嫁や推しがいる人、そもそもそんな人いないって人もどんな人でも対象らしいです。 https://t.co/8UpC4b5VUo
59 seconds ago - RT @Pank90576241: The #COVID19 impact on #PredictiveAnalytics Market worth $21.5 billion by 2025 #informationtechnology #telecommunication
58 seconds ago - @edwardsocket @AllenRDavis @zibijamal So here is Yahoo - not exactly a right wing site is it ? news..https://t.co/THDMGeOvBL
57 seconds ago - RT @MakondaTripy: Bonjour, Dans le cadre de mon mémoire en Management Sport. Je réalise une étude sur l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux pou…
57 seconds ago - RT @resocoder: Here’s Why #Flutter Is/Going to Be the Best Platform for Mobile Applications: - Rapid development - Animations - Security…
56 seconds ago - RT @AUTOMATONJapan: 【ニュース】『ドラゴンクエストウォーク』が利用するGoogle マップ関連サービスが終了へ。ゲーム自体はサービス継続 https://t.co/v6S6L7ubmw https://t.co/kUdzvwlBlk
58 seconds ago - RT @bellwinsh: 💚Pls rt แจก 1 บั้ม💚 พรี อัลบั้ม NCT127 - Favorite รอบไซน์ ✌🏻ราคา 370 บาท (มัดจำ 200) 🏓รวมภาษีแล้ว 🏓เลือกปกได้ มี 2 ปก 🌄ไ…
58 seconds ago - RT @Pick4465: มาค่ะทุกคนเราขอเปิดรับโดเนทช่อเงินเพื่อไปร่วมแสดงความยินดีให้กับพี่โอห์มและน้องฟลุ้คในวันบรวงสรวงซีรีส์เลิฟ@9โดยจะเปิดรับตั้ง…
59 seconds ago - RT @yoongaphee: 정치신세계에 엄청난 도움을 주고 계시는 피디님의 따님이 하는 설문조사라는데 30초만 시간 내주셔서 저도 은혜를 30%정도 갚을 수 있게 도와주세요 https://t.co/gl9zFuZmBe

Rotating Ticker Sample

Steven @TheNextSanders - 3 mins ago@colin_dunlap @DaviiCrockett Yeah and they are still playing their hearts out no matter what. They lost to a 66 yard FG and a 30 second drive down the field by Vikings for the game winner 0 0
WORLD LEADER 1 ARTHUR GEORGE CARTER @ARTHURGCARTER1 - 4 mins agoVikings, mining, Elvis: The story of Greenland’s melting ice cap https://t.co/T5C9U64ea5 via @AJEnglish 0 0
coach edward @CoachMayang - 4 mins agoSt. Anne-Pacelli vs ELCA - LIVE High School Volleyball Girls 2021 Watch Live: https://t.co/bfs3stacgR Vikings vs Chargers today @ 5p. @ElcaWomen @cheridynnoelll @drshaunejohnson @ELCAAthletics @KellyOxendine7 @ChargerElca 0 0
sav 🏹 @BallingKirk - 5 mins agoRT @BMac_SportsTalk: "I still got an obligation to get my guys ready" Even though @P2 is headed to the IR for a few weeks, he has already… 11 0
9jalover @9jalover1 - 6 mins agoPanthers-Vikings Game Fans Fight Viral Video Twitter ‘It Was About To Go Down’ https://t.co/QPHdXlu0iL 0 0
sav 🏹 @BallingKirk - 7 mins ago51 days left till i see the Vikings in US Bank Stadium with my Dad….playing #HereWeGo week 13 0 0
JuJu Da Gamer @JuJu_Da_Gamer - 7 mins agoRT @FO_ASchatz: Toughest remaining schedules based on current DVOA of opponents. 1) #GoPackGo 2) #DaBears 3) #RavensFlock 4) #Skol #Vikin 144 0
Zero Trust @ZTSecure - 8 mins agoRT @akbarth3great: #TVShows Vikings, mining, Elvis: The story of Greenland’s melting ice cap https://t.co/NQeG9SDjh8 3 0
Mazak @getMazak - 8 mins agoRT @akbarth3great: #TVShows Vikings, mining, Elvis: The story of Greenland’s melting ice cap https://t.co/NQeG9SDjh8 3 0

List Ticker Sample

ManageWP @managewpRT @GoDaddyPro: What they say is true: Time is money. ⏰=💰 Join our own @shteffk at our next #WordPress EMEA virtual meetup to learn the t…4 days ago 9 0
ManageWP @managewpRegularly checking on the performance of your site is essential. Learn how you can here. https://t.co/yuzhjDbrtI6 days ago 0 0
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