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Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

28 seconds ago - jafaz wiase 3 semanas q eu fo com dor E O GOOGLE TA FALANDO Q E APENDICITE EU JA LI DUAS VEZES Q PODE SE ISSO
29 seconds ago - RT @CatarsisXeneize: Buscas la definición de chupapijas en Google y te aparece la cara de este boludo.
29 seconds ago - #PlayingNow in the Treehouse: Ocean Gypsy by @AncientRock just ask your Google or Amazon smart speaker to play Treehouse Radio on #TuneIn #THRadio https://t.co/bx2wXnnKnH
26 seconds ago - Como existir no mesmo mundo que a IZA e ter autoestima google pesquisa 🥵 https://t.co/5OdW2AqNtF
29 seconds ago - Tô chorando pq passei dias fazendo esse trabalho p qnd eu enviar aparecer no Google sala "atividade pendente" sendo q ainda ñ era o horário q estava marcado
26 seconds ago - RT @LTHQOfficial: Team we have 150 HMV 100th Year Anniversary Walls Vinyls to give away! All you have to do is head to the link to be in wi…
26 seconds ago - @adkcarys vai no https://t.co/n2biWiJnFT na pagina inicial já tem
26 seconds ago - RT @hahlys: LANY ALLEGATIONS GOOGLE DOC https://t.co/3GNsjHOsQm FILIPINO LANGUAGE VERSION https://t.co/tCjjy9PEKy TW: ABUSE OF POWER, PRE…
26 seconds ago - RT @CCFOX2020: New to Contract Trading? Wanna #long or #short at a right moment? No worries, we prepare 3,000 $USDT CCFOX trading bonus for…
28 seconds ago - 一戸建て住宅のご契約を頂きました。暑い日が続きますがこれからも引き続きよろしくお願いします。倉敷の不動産売買専門ショップ株式会社おおたか不動産 を #Google でチェック https://t.co/d7izjQi2U9

Rotating Ticker Sample

Linda Brennan @LindaB_cmt - 27 seconds agoRT @AdamSchefter: Vikings’ rookie Jaylen Twyman, who was shot four times this summer in Washington D.C., “has recovered enough from his gun… 805 0
Ry @HendricksKid - 45 seconds ago@Vikings offseason has been 💜 so far!! Hopefully it’s not over yet 🤞🏾🤞🏾 #Skol 0 0
Kristy #byetraitors @KristyResists - 58 seconds agoRT @kylegriffin1: Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach Rick Dennison is no longer employed by the team after refusing to be vaccinated ag… 2331 0
🦌 🏆 NBA CHAMPS @MKEBucksBurner - 1 min ago@SnellSZN @Vikings I hate some vikings fans but I like snellay so vouch 0 1
melinna ४ @meeelt91 - 1 min ago@91PROJECTS vikings I vote Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson) for #ArtistOfTheSummer @965TDY 0 0
🦌🏆💍 @SnellSZN - 2 mins ago@TheFreakBurner @Vikings ty giannis burner 😚 0 2
juliana𓆩♡𓆪 @swaggopossum - 2 mins agoskål mes frères et soeurs vikings 🤘🏻
0 0

List Ticker Sample

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