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Ditty Twitter Ticker allows you to create a dynamic display of Twitter feeds on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with multiple user timelines or multiple keyword searches. Display feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget. Please refer to the Ditty Twitter Ticker help page for in depth descriptions of all settings.

Note: By default there are very few css styles applied to tickers. There have been additional css styles applied to the tickers below.

Scrolling Ticker Sample

59 mins ago - I completed my first codelab! #DevBadges https://t.co/KdGVNJkB4z #GoogleCloud #googlecloudready
59 mins ago - Try #BigCash : The Highest Paying Reward App ever! Make money quickly by downloading apps and games. Exchange only 2500 Points for $15 Paypal Cash or Any Gift Card Link: https://t.co/o1S3lPMy3k
59 mins ago - RT @cat_nordic: (5/8) Fets consumats, en diria, si no voleu anomenar-ho la farsa de “2a falsa transició”. Recordeu que a l’Octubre de 2018…
59 mins ago - RT @24K__UK: [WEBTOON] Chapter 1 of 24K's webtoon "대형막내" has now been translated! 📖 https://t.co/Qt1Zn4NX1k You can find the original w…
59 mins ago - RT @jungwontwothree: To avoid confusion, I have contacted @/nodong_team and they have clarified that we can stream in Genie!!!! You may ref…
59 mins ago - RT @rongolive: 【RONGO LIVE事前登録絶賛受付中✨】 メールアドレスを入力するだけ!簡単登録でRONGO LIVEアプリのリリース時に自動で通知📩   事前登録いただいた方には、アプリ内で使用できる500エールをプレゼント🎁お得なキャンペーンをお見逃しなく…
59 mins ago - RT @pahadinaari: पहाड़ी उत्पादों हेतु एक बेहतरीन सेवा उपलब्ध है कृपया एक बार जरूर visit करें https://t.co/XRLyuKKSYr @RamanShaily https:/…
59 mins ago - RT @stb365: 🙂毎日プレゼント企画🙂 ✨100〜500円分✨ •スタバギフト券 •Amazonギフト券 •iTunesコード🆕 •Googleコード🆕 応募 ☑︎フォロー ☑︎リツイート ⭐️サイト登録ありません ⭐️当選者も必ずツイートで発表 ✅LINEでも…
59 mins ago - @Lwazkaz2 @YourMbali @MathabaJorge I literally went to type it now on google to see what will come up. https://t.co/u7B7tqTH8u
59 mins ago - Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: https://t.co/todQKNDDl7

Rotating Ticker Sample

Jwilliams @Ihatejdubb - 59 mins agoCheck out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Madden NFL 21) cyc vikings ftp live at https://t.co/5KDCi7IZVP 0 0
〽️🅰️⚡️🍩♑️ ⚡️✝️🍤〽️🅱️🅾️ @Masonthecool97 - 59 mins agoThe 1-10 @Jaguars head up to Minneapolis this Saturday to take on the 5-6 @Vikings this Sunday at Noon at @usbankstadium #JAXvsMIN #SKOL 0 0
Java EE Trainers @jeetrainers - 1 hour ago√ Vikings: The 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb) #MyNewshttps://t.co/VlLSyiRW7E 0 0
pod 29% @artrkh_ - 1 hour agoRT @meilleurescenes: 🎥 Vikings saison finale.
207 0
Lenard mazibe @lenard_mazibe - 1 hour ago@uSheriff_ZA Lol remind me of vikings Series 0 0
Luchas @LukaSSanto_s - 1 hour agoAcabei de ver o trailer da Final Season de Vikings que estréia dia 31, BEEOOO DEEEOS, nem chorei, só tremi 😍 #Vikings 0 0
Trent J. Harrison @coachTHarrison - 1 hour agoHS GBB Score Middleton 69 Caldwell 37 Proud of our girls and staff! Vikings start the season 2-0 @PrepGBBIdaho @idahosports @michaellycklama @KTVBSportsGuy @MaxPreps @IdahoHSHoops @IdahoTop100 @CoachingIdaho @prephoopsid @prephoopsid @IdahoStatesman @IDAHOOPS 0 1
GJ's Home of Silliness @GJs_Silly_Home - 1 hour ago@Jacob_Brogan Vikings: Path of Exile. 0 0
celery @vilestus - 1 hour agothey also invade some other places, and get called many names, such as vikings. there's the rus. the kievan rus. are they vikings? i don't think so, said the kievan rus. ok, fair enough. 0 1
YELXUP @SeaSage - 1 hour agoRT @mrundkvist: My friend of many years Jonas Wikborg has designed #ZZTop's next tour poster. #archaeology #vendel #vikings https://t.co/B3… 2 0

List Ticker Sample

ManageWP @managewpAn ex-employee with a grudge is a serious threat to your website. This post will share how to protect your business! https://t.co/UIyakkEOa22 days ago 0 1
ManageWP @managewpDo ex-employees still have access to your WordPress website? It’s time to take back control! https://t.co/UIyakkEOa21 week ago 0 1
ManageWP @managewpHackers actively target WordPress themes. Our blog has six tips for keeping yours secure! https://t.co/qaEBipHw5t1 week ago 0 1
ManageWP @managewpIs your WordPress website safe from ex-employees and clients? Find out in our new post! https://t.co/UIyakkEOa21 week ago 1 1
ManageWP @managewpEx-employees are a serious threat facing your WordPress website. Our latest post explains why! https://t.co/UIyakkEOa21 week ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpPlugin security receives a lot of attention, but what about themes? This post gives you the low down! https://t.co/qaEBipHw5t2 weeks ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpDo WordPress updates fill you with dread? Take control with Safe Updates! https://t.co/MCW0P8a7Zm2 weeks ago 0 0
ManageWP @managewpDoes your theme meet all of WordPress’ security guidelines? Find out in this post! https://t.co/qaEBipHw5t2 weeks ago 0 2
ManageWP @managewpIs your theme putting your WordPress website at risk? Find out how to keep your site safe! https://t.co/qaEBipHw5t2 weeks ago 0 1